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Top 3 Web hosting in Japan comparing by overall rating
Money Back Anytime
VPS $166 - $204
Dedicated Server $347 - $579
Shared hosting
Cloud hosting
5.0 rating
Money Back:
VPS $15 - $500
Dedicated Server $129 - $1,099
Shared hosting
Cloud hosting
5.0 rating
Money Back:
VPS $13 - $229
Dedicated server
Shared hosting
Cloud hosting


Top 8 Reasons to Consider Website Hosting in Japan

Many factors come into play when choosing hosting in Japan. A critical factor to consider is the location of the hosting company’s servers as it can have a significant impact on the success and growth of your business. The good news is that even if you have made a wrong choice before, it can be corrected by choosing the right Tokyo dedicated server.

However, it is best to make the right choice from the onset so you do not have to deal with the complicated process of changing your web hosting provider. While there are different options of hosting that you can explore, local hosting is often the best choice. That means you are better off choosing a Japan VPS instead of an offshore hosting.

Why is it better to Host Your Website Locally?

Many Japanese VPS providers host their customers’ websites on overseas servers or use reseller services from other offshore web hosting companies. These are not the same as local web hosting providers because their servers are not situated within your region.

A local web hosting like Hostinger Japan refers to servers that are domiciled in your country. If you are wondering about the clamor for hosting your website locally, here are the top eight reasons why web hosting Japan is the best.

  • Loading Speed

One of the most critical factors to increase traffic to your site is the loading speed of your web pages. Site visitors prefer to visit sites that load fast and if your website pages lag and take forever to load, they will leave your page and move to your competitor’s site.

Local Japan dedicated server hosting allows your site to run an average of three times faster than overseas hosting. The reason for this is the ultralow latency. When you host locally, latency is faster and better because local traffic is directed through the Internet Exchange Point locally.

  • Optimal Search Result Rankings

Hosting in Japan for Japan-based businesses will significantly improve your search engine result ranking. It is worth noting that Google uses the IP address of your webserver to understand your content. Let’s look at a practical example that you are likely familiar with.

When you search for a specific service, the top results you get are usually from companies near you. Although you did not specify your location, Google could determine your location and brings search results that are relevant to your needs in your region. For instance, if you choose Hostgator Japan, you can improve the search result rankings for business.

  • Affordability

Hosting offshore comes with several drawbacks and one of them is the cost. Foreign hosting companies charge hosting fees based on their currencies. That means if you use a hosting company domiciled in the USA, for instance, you will pay more than if you choose hosting in Japan.

The reason for this is simple. The value of the US dollar is more than the Japanese Yen. Therefore, you should consider a hosting company like Vultr Japan to significantly reduce the cost of your hosting services.

  • Better Security

If your site is vulnerable, it automatically extends to your business. Many Japan Windows VPS providers offer highly secure servers where your website is safe and secure. A reliable hosting provider monitors your site and email accounts to protect them from unauthorized access and several security threats like malware and viruses.

Not only that; but if a VPS server in Japan detects any security problem, the team will work on your site to get it back to its optimal working conditions.

  • Data Privacy Laws

The safety of clients’ data is very crucial and knowing where your data and those of your clients are domiciled should be a top consideration. Oftentimes, the security of such data is determined by the data privacy laws of the region where your information is hosted.

It may interest you to know that the data privacy laws of the country where your data is hosted supersede any local law. That means the Laws of your country no longer apply. If you want to avoid the intricacies associated with international Law, hosting in Japan is your best bet.

  • Better Customer Service

When you are experiencing an issue with your website, you surely would want a fast answer. You get that with hosting in Japan. That is because hosting companies in Japan are local service providers and work during your normal business hours. That means you can get your Japan VPS server provider at your convenience.

Even if you choose to chat them up, it is still a faster process. That is because they attend to local businesses and the waiting time is often not as long as if you were to contact an international hosting company with a large ticket system.

By the way, you can simply pick up your phone and talk to real customer service and get your issues resolved when you use hosting in Japan services.

  • Supports Local Businesses

Every resident of a country aspires to see their country grow economically. One way for this to happen is when everyone supports local businesses. Japan hosting service providers are local businesses and patronizing them means you are contributing your quota toward growing manpower and providing jobs for your locality.

International hosting companies have a large clientele base already. Hosting your business with them only boost their businesses while local businesses in your country suffer. To support local businesses, choose a Japan dedicated server to host your website.

  • Boost the Local Economy

The growth of the economy of your country lies in the successes of every individual and business domicile in the country. When you patronize Japan dedicated hosting service provider, you directly impact the economy of the country.

Millions of Yens are lost annually to hosting abroad. When you opt for hosting in Japan, you help to grow the economy. The local hosting companies generate revenue and contribute to the economic growth of the country.

How to Choose a Local Hosting Provider for Your Website

Having established the benefits of hosting in Japan, it is imperative to also look at how to choose the best local hosting provider for your website. Hosting locally does not mean you should settle for just any web hosting service provider.

There are factors you must consider before you settle for a Japan VPS hosting service provider. Here are the top considerations for choosing the right hosting.

Server Reliability, Security, and Uptime Scores

Unstable network connections and weak servers can push your website offline. When this happens, you lose traffic to your site and potential sales. Not only that; you also get low rankings from search engines. Therefore, you should aim for a Japan server hosting company with uptime scores of 99.9%. Apart from the uptime scores, you should also consider the security of your data. Choose a trusted service provider with a secure hosting solution.

  • Website Backup

The rate of cyber threats keeps increasing and it is not only directed at financial websites. General websites are also being targeted by hackers. When a site is hacked, it often leads to irreparable damages, including the replacement of the index.php file on your site or destruction.

It can also lead to failures of local hard disks or severe server damage. For that reason, it is imperative to choose the best web hosting in Japan that offers web data backup regularly as part of their services.

  • Options to Add More Domains

Every business owner wants their organization to grow. When growth comes, the next step is diversification. Although you may start your business with a single domain name and website, a time may come when you need multiple domains, subdomains, and websites to support the growth of your business.

If your dedicated server hosting Japan service provider does not offer the option of adding more domains, sub-domains, and websites, you will get into a fix. Therefore, you should take the time to review all packages available with hosting in Japan service providers before choosing to sign up with them.

Check to see if you can run multiple sites on a single web hosting account or if you would need to sign up for an entirely new account to create another site. It is also a good idea to check the cost of subdomain packages and unlimited website packages and compare the costs to other WordPress hosting Japan companies.

With these, you can make an informed decision as to whether or not a hosting provider is good for your business or not.

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Hosting in Japan is undoubtedly better than hosting with an international hosting company. This post looks at the benefits associated with hosting locally vis-à-vis hosting with a foreign company. It also looks at the top considerations when choosing a local hosting service provider.

If you are new in business and looking to test-run web hosting, you can use a free Japan VPS to get started. When you are comfortable with the process, you can proceed to upgrade to a paid version. However, you should note that a free hosting service is limited and comes with certain restrictions.